• Development Trend Of Commercial Refrigerator Market

    Commercial refrigerators are generally divided into three categories:commercial refrigerators,commercial freezers,and kitchen refrigerators,with volumes ranging from 20L to 2000L.The temperature in the commercial refrigerated cabinet is 0-10 degrees,which is widely used in the storage and sales o...
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  • Commonly Used Methods Of Keeping Fresh In Refrigerators

    Refrigerators(freezers) are essential refrigeration equipment for convenience stores,supermarkets,and farmer’s markets,which provide various functions for people. The refrigerators plays a role in cooling fruits and beverages to reach the eating and drinking optimal temperature,enriching th...
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  • How To Choose A Good Quality Refrigerated Beverage Display

    1. Observe the appearance Firstly observe whether the glass door of the beverage display is skewed and deformed,whether the glass is scratched,and whether the cabinet is damaged or concave.Then check whether there are pits, scratches or uneven color spraying on the surface spraying; whether there...
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