Round Island Open Fridge

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Commercial Island Open Fridges or Coolers are widely used in supermarkets and convenience stores, it's a great refrigeration solution to store and showcase large amounts of frozen foods, such as ice cream, packed foods, fresh meats, frozen vegetable, and so on, all foods on offer can be easily displayed to the customers, and attract their attentions to browse and grab. Different sizes and models of Island Freezers are available to meet your capacity and space requirements, they are normally positioned in a central area of your store to create a space for frozen storage and display. Two or more island display freezers can be put back to back together to form a composite unit with a surrounding layout, this commercial display freezer help store owners create an area like a shopping browser, which can let customers to walk around to browse and grab your foods, so it is suitable for the most flexible, innovative, and visual merchandising trends. In our range of island freezer, just take a look at the models below, we're sure there would be one on your request.