Ice-Lined Refrigerator

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Ice-lined refrigerators (ILR refrigerators) are a type of medicine and biology based equipment applied in the refrigeration needs for hospitals, blood banks, epidemic prevention stations, research laboratories, etc. Ice-lined refrigerators at Nenwell include a temperature control system, which is a high-precision digital micro-processor, it works with built-in high-sensitive temperature sensors ensure a constant temperature range from +2℃ to +8℃ for proper and safe condition to store medicines, vaccines, biological materials, reagents, and so on. These medical refrigerators are designed with human-oriented features, perform well in a working condition with ambient temperature up to 43℃. The top lid has a reccessed handle that can prevent damage during transportation. 4 casters are available with breaks for movement and fastening. All the ILR refrigerators have a security alarm system to warn warn you that temperature is out of abnormal range, the door has left open, power is off, senser doesn't work, and other exceptions and errors may occur, that can ensure working reliability and safety.