Fish and Seafood Ice Counter

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A fish display ice table, also known as a seafood display table, is a specialized piece of equipment commonly used in restaurants, seafood markets, and grocery stores to showcase and maintain the freshness of fish and other seafood products. These tables are typically designed to keep seafood products at a low temperature, just above freezing, by circulating cold air or employing ice beds. The cold temperature helps slow down the degradation of fish and prevents bacterial growth, ensuring that the seafood remains fresh and visually appealing to customers. The table is often equipped with a slanted or perforated surface to allow melting ice to drain away, preventing fish from sitting in water and maintaining their quality. In addition to preserving freshness, these tables also enhance the visual presentation of the seafood, making it an attractive and hygienic display for customers looking to make their seafood selections.

fish ice table and seafood ice counter