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  • Industrial Supply Various Condensers for Fridge Manufacturing or Repairing

    Industrial Supply Various Condensers for Fridge Manufacturing or Repairing

    1. High efficient forced air cooled type condenser, high heat exchanging capacity, low power cost

    2. Suitable for medium/high temperature, low temperature, super low temperature

    3. Suitable for refrigerant R22, R134a, R404a, R507a

    4. Standard configure of standard forced air-cooled condensing unit: compressor, oil pressure relief valve(except series of semi hermetic recips) , air cooling condenser, stock solution device, drying filter equipment, instrument panel, b5.2 refrigeration oil, shielding gas; bipolar machine has intercooler.

  • Compressor


    1. Using R134a

    2. Compactness structure with small and light, because without reciprocating device

    3. Low noise ,High efficiency with big cooling capacity and low power consumption

    4. Copper Aluminum bundy tube

    5. With start starting capacitor

    6. Stable operating,more easy to maintain and longer service life which design to reach at 15 years

  • Fan motor

    Fan motor

    1. The ambient temperature of the shaded-pole fan motor is -25°C~+50°C, the insulation class is class B, protection grade is IP42, and it has widely used in condensers,evaporators and other equipment.

    2. There is a ground line in each motor.

    3. Motor has impedeance protection if the output is blow 10W, and we install thermal protection(130 °C ~140 °C ) to protect the motor if the output is more than 10W.

    4. There are screw holes on the end cover; bracket installation; grid installaton; flange installation; also we can customize according to your request.

  • Temperature controller(Themostat)

    Temperature controller(Themostat)

    1. Light control

    2. Manual/automatic defrost by turning off

    3. Time/temp. seting to end defrost

    4. Re-start delay

    5. Relay output :1HP(compressor)

  • Wheel


    1. Type:Refrigerator Parts

    2. Material:ABS+Iron

    3. Usage:Freezer,refrigerator

    4. Steel wire diameter:3.0-4.0mm

    5. Size:2.5inch

    6. Application: chest freezer,kitchen equipment,stainless steel equipment,upright chiller

  • Compex Fridge Drawer Slide Rails

    Compex Fridge Drawer Slide Rails

    • Telescopic guides with bigger workrun (60 mm more than the nominal length) of stainless steel Aisi 304. The fixed slide is supplied in two versions:

      • fastening to the piece of furniture with screws or rivets (Part number GT013);
      • fastening to the piece of furniture with hooks (Part number GT015).

      Mounted on balls of acetalic resin of high strength, made to support the load of the drawers.

      The ball pins are of stainless steel. System to easy the drawer return and to keep it closed.

      Available in different lengths to meet the most various requirements. Special lengths out of standard are available on request.

      Brilliant finishing.