Laboratory Refrigerator

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Equipped with digital controller, accurate cooling systems, advanced temperature monitoring software, and remote alarm solutions, Nenwell laboratory refrigerators provide the highest levels of reliability. Nenwell laboratory refrigerators provide a safe cold storage solution for biomedical materials and other critical samples used in research & medical applications, such as specimens, cultures and other laboratory preparations at temperatures between -40°C and +4°C.

We offer a wide variety of models, including undercounter refrigerators, lab refrigerator/freezer combo units, and double-door refrigerators for large stock management. Laboratory refrigerators supplied with digital controller, glass door, alarm system to meet the demanding requirements of laboratory research. These refrigerator has temperature ranging from -40°C to +8°C and all models are combined with two exact sensors and auto defrost.

Nenwell lab refrigerators are designed for laboratory use offering superior product protection with long-term reliability and exceptional product quality. When superior levels of cold storage performance is needed, the Nenwell series lab-grade refrigerator is the best choice.