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Double Temperature Ventilated Island Freezer For Supermarket


  • Model No.: NW-DG20/25/30.
  • With a built-in condensing unit.
  • Fan cooling system & auto defrost.
  • 3 size options are available.
  • For bulk frozen food storage and display.
  • Temperature rage between -18~-22°C.
  • Tempered glass with thermal insulation.
  • Compatible with R404a refrigerant.
  • Smart control system & remote monitor.
  • digital temperature display screen.
  • Variable-frequency compressor.
  • Illuminated with LED lighting.
  • High-performance and energy saving.
  • Premium stainless steel exterior and interior.
  • Standard blue color is stunning.
  • Pure copper tube evaporator.




This Double Temperature Ventilated Island Freezer comes with top sliding glass lips, it’s for supermarkets and convenience stores to keep frozen foods stored and displayed, the foods you can fill in include ice creams, packed foods, raw meats, and so on. The temperature is controlled by a fan cooling system, this island freezer works with a built-in condenser and is compatible with R404a refrigerant. The perfect design includes a stainless steel exterior finished with standard blue, and other colors are also available, the clean interior is finished with embossed aluminum, and it has sliding tempered glass doors on the top to offer high durability and thermal insulation. This island display freezer is controlled by a smart system with a remote monitor, the temperature level displays on a digital screen. Different sizes are available to cater to different capacity and positioning requirements, its high freezing performance, and energy efficiency offer a great solution for commercial refrigerator applications.

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  • Model No. Dimension
    Temp. Range Cooling Type Voltage
    NW-DG20 2000*1080*1020 -18-22 Fan Cooling 220V / 50Hz R404a
    NW-DG25 2500*1080*1020
    NW-DG30 3000*1080*1020