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100L Commercial Single Door Storage Chest Freezer


  • Model: NW-BD100/150/200.
  • Storage capacity: 100/150/200 liter.
  • 8 size options are available.
  • For keeping frozen foods stored.
  • Temperature rage between -18~-22°C.
  • Static cooling system & manual defrost.
  • Flat top solid foam doors design.
  • Doors with lock and key.
  • Compatible with R134a/R600a refrigerant.
  • Digital control and display screen is optional.
  • With a built-in condensing unit.
  • With compressor fan.
  • High-performance and energy saving.
  • Standard white color is stunning.
  • Bottom wheels for flexible movement.




NW-BD100 100l Commercial Single Door Chest Freezer With Gems Meps

This 100L Commercial Single Door Chest Freezer has 3 storage capacities of 100/150/200 liters as regular models, and larger capacities are also available as your requests. It comes with a top sliding sold foam door, it’s for frozen food and meat storage at grocery stores and catering businesses, the foods you can store include ice creams, pre-cooked foods, raw meats, and so on. The temperature is controlled by a static cooling system, this chest freezer works with a built-in condensing unit and is compatible with R134a/R600a refrigerant. The perfect design includes a stainless steel exterior finished with standard white, and other colors are also available, the clean interior is finished with embossed aluminum, and it has solid foam doors on the top to offer a simple appearance. The temperature of this storage chest freezer is controlled by a manual system, a digital screen is optional for temperature level display. 8 models are available to meet different capacity and positioning requirements, and high performance and energy efficiency provide a perfect refrigeration solution in your store or catering kitchen area.

Outstanding Refrigeration | NW-BD100-150-200 storage chest freezer

This storage chest freezer is designed for frozen storage, it operates with a temperature range from -18 to -22°C. This system includes a premium compressor and condenser, uses eco-friendly R600a refrigerant to keeps the interior temperature accurate and constant, and provides high refrigeration performance and energy efficiency.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-BD100-150-200 storage chest freezer

The top lids and the cabinet wall of this storage chest freezer include a polyurethane foam layer. All these great features help this freezer perform well at thermal insulation, and keep your products stored and frozen in a perfect condition with optimum temperature.


Bright LED Illumination | NW-BD100-150-200 storage chest freezer

The interior LED lighting offers high brightness to help highlight the products in the cabinet, all foods and drinks that you want to sell most can be crystally displayed, with maximum visibility, your items can easily catch the eyes of your customers.

Easy To Operate | NW-BD100-150-200 storage chest freezer

The control panel of this chest freezer offers an easy and presentative operation for this counter color, it’s easy to turn on/off the power and turn up/down the temperature levels, the temperature can be precisely set where you want it, and display on a digital screen.

Constructed For Heavy-Duty Use | NW-BD100-150-200 chest freezer

The body was well constructed with stainless steel for interior and exterior that comes with rust resistance and durability, and the cabinet walls include a polyurethane foam layer that has excellent thermal insulation. This unit is the perfect solution for heavy-duty commercial uses.

Durable Baskets | NW-BD100-150-200 storage chest freezer

The stored foods and drinks can be regularly organized by the baskets, which are for heavy-duty use, and it comes with a humanized design to help you maximize the space you have available. The baskets are made of durable metal wire with PVC coating finish, which is easy to clean and convenient to mount and remove.


Applications | NW-BD100-150-200 100l Commercial Single Door Chest Freezer With Gems Meps

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  • Model No. NW-BD100 NW-BD150 NW-BD200 NW-BD250 NW-BD300 NW-BD350 NW-BD400 NW-BD420
    System Gross   (lt) 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 420
    Control System Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
    Temp. Range -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C -18~-22°C
    External Dimension 554x552x845 704x552x845 874x552x845 1014x604x844 1118x602x845 1254x604x844 1374x604x844 1250x700x824
    Packing Dimension 594x580x886 744x580x886 914x580x886 1058x630x886 1162x630x886 1298x630x886 1418x630x886 1295x770x886
    Dimensions  Net Weight 30KG 36KG 48KG 54KG 58KG 62KG 68KG 70KG
    Gross Weight 40KG 40KG 58KG 60KG 68KG 72KG 78KG 80KG
    Option Handle & Lock Yes
    Internal light vert./hor.* Optional
    Back condenser Yes
    Temp. digital screen No
    Door Type Solid Foam Sliding Doors
    Refrigerant R134a/R600a
    Certification CE,CB,ROHS