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Commercial Upright 2 or 4 Door Stainless Steel Reach-in Freezer and Refrigerator


  • Model: NW-Z10EF/D10EF
  • 2 or 4 storage sections with solid doors.
  • With static cooling system.
  • For kitchen to refrigerate and store foods.
  • Automatic defrost system.
  • Compatible with R134a & R404a refrigerant
  • Several size options are available.
  • Digital temperature controller and screen.
  • Heavy-duty shelves are adjustable.
  • High-performance and energy-efficiency.
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior.
  • Silver is standard color, other colors are customizable.
  • Low noise and energy consumption.
  • Bottom wheels for flexible movement.




NW-Z10EF D10EF Commercial Catering Upright 2 Or 4 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Freezer And Refrigerator Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers

This type of Upright 2 Or 4 Door Stainless Steel Reach-In Freezer is for commercial kitchen or catering businesses to keep fresh meats or foods refrigerated or frozen at the optimum temperatures for a long period of time, so it’s also known as a catering storage refrigerator. This unit is compatible with R134a or R404a refrigerants. The stainless steel finished interior is clean and simple and illuminated with LED lighting. The solid door panels come with the construction of Stainless Steel + Foam + Stainless, which has good performance at thermal insulation, door hinges ensure long-lasting use. The interior shelves are heavy-duty and adjustable for different interior placement requirements. This commercial reach-in fridge is controlled by a digital system, the temperature and working status show on a digital display screen. different sizes are available for different capacities, sizes, and space requirements, it features excellent refrigeration performance and energy efficiency to offer a perfect refrigeration solution to restaurants, hotel kitchens, and other commercial fields.


High-Efficiency Refrigeration | NW-Z10EF-D10EF reach in refrigerator

This stainless steel reach in refrigerator can maintain temperatures in a range of 0~10℃ and -10~-18℃, which can ensure different types of foods in their proper storage condition, optimally keep them fresh and safely preserve their quality and integrity. This unit includes a premium compressor and condenser that are compatible with R290 refrigerants to provide high refrigeration efficiency and low power consumption.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-Z10EF-D10EF commercial reach in refrigerator

The front door of this commercial reach in refrigerator was constructed well with (stainless steel + foam + stainless), and the edge of the door comes with PVC gaskets to ensure the cold air does not escape from the interior. The polyurethane foam layer in the cabinet wall can tightly keep the temperature insulated well. All these great features help this unit perform outstandingly at thermal insulation.

Bright LED Illumination | NW-Z10EF-D10EF upright refrigerator

The interior LED lighting of this kitchen upright refrigerator offers high brightness to help illuminate the items in the cabinet, provides clear visibility to allow you to browse and quickly know what is inside the cabinet. The light will be on while the door is opened, and will be off while the door is closed.

Digital Control System | NW-Z10EF-D10EF upright refrigerator freezer

The digital control system allows you to easily turn on/off the power and precisely adjust the temperature degrees of this stainless steel upright refrigerator/freezer from 0℃ to 10℃ (for cooler), and it also can be a freezer in a range between -10℃ and -18℃, the figure displays on a clear LCD to help users monitor the storage temperature.

Self-Closing Door | NW-Z10EF-D10EF catering freezer

The solid front doors of this stainless steel catering freezer are designed with a self-closing mechanism, they can be closed automatically, as the door comes with some unique hinges, so you don’t need to worry about that it’s accidentally forgotten to close.

Heavy-Duty Shelves | NW-Z10EF-D10EF catering refrigerator

The interior storage sections of this stainless steel catering refrigerator are separated by several heavy-duty shelves, which are adjustable to freely change the storage space of each deck. The shelves are made of durable metal wire with a plastic coating finish, which can prevent the surface from moisture and resist corrosion.


Applications | NW-Z10EF D10EF Commercial Catering Upright 2 Or 4 Door Stainless Steel Reach In Freezer And Refrigerator Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers

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  • Model NW-Z10EF NW-D10EF
    Products dimension 1200×700×2000
    Packing dimensions 1230×760×2140
    Type Of Defrost Automatic
    Refrigerant R134a/R290 R404a/R290
    Temp. Range 0 ~ 10℃ -10 ~ -18℃
    Max. Abmbient Temp. 38℃ 38℃
    Cooling system Static Cooling Static Cooling
    Exterior Material Stainless Steel
    Interior Material Stainless Steel
    N. / G. Weight 175KG / 185KG
    Door Qty 2/4 pcs
    Lighting LED
    Loading Qty 27