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4ºC Upright Glass Door Medical Blood Bank Refrigeration Equipment


  • Item No.: NW- XC630L.
  • Capacity: 630 liters.
  • Temperature rage: 2-6℃.
  • Upright standing style.
  • Insulated tempered single glass door.
  • Glass heating for anti-condensation.
  • Door lock and key are available.
  • Glass door with electrical heating.
  • Humanized operation design.
  • Precision temperature control system.
  • High-perfomance refrigeration.
  • Alarm system for failure and exception.
  • Intelligent temperature control system.
  • Heavy-duty shelves & baskets are available.
  • Interior illuminated with LED Lighting.




NW-XC630L blood bank

NW-XC630L is a blood bank refrigeration equipment that offers a storage capacity of 630 litters, it comes with an upright style for the freestanding position, and is designed with a professional look and stunning appearance. This blood bank refrigerator includes a high-quality compressor and condenser with outstanding refrigeration performance. There is an intelligent control system to control precisely the temperatures in a range of 2℃ and 6℃, this system works with high-sensitive temperature sensors, which ensure the interior condition that temperature is precise controlled, so it’s extremely consistent and reliable for safe storage of blood. This medical refrigerator includes a security alarm system that can warn you some errors and exceptions occur, such as the storage condition is out of abnormal temperature range, the door has left open, the sensor doesn’t work, and the power is off, and other troubles that may happen. The front door is made of double-layer tempered glass, which comes with an electric heating device to help remove condensation, so it’s clear enough to keep the blood packs and stored materials displayed with more visibility. All these features provide a great refrigeration solution for blood banks, hospitals, biological laboratories, and research sections.


NW-XC630L blood bank

The door of this blood refrigeration equipment has a lock and a recessed handle, it’s made of clear tempered glass, which provides perfect visibility for you to get accessed to the stored items. The interior is illuminated by LED lighting, the light is on while the door is opened, and off while the door is closed. The exterior of this refrigerator is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and easily cleanable.

NW-XC630L blood bank

This blood bank refrigeration equipment includes a premium compressor and condenser, which have features of excellent refrigeration performance and the temperatures are kept consistent within a tolerance of 0.1℃. Its air-cooling system has an auto-defrost feature. The R290 refrigerant is environmentally friendly to provide refrigeration with high efficiency and energy saving.


The temperature is adjustable by a digital Microprocessor, which is high-precision and user-friendly, it’s a type of automatic temperature control module. A piece of digital screen that works with built-in and high-sensitive temperature sensors to monitor and display the interior temperature with a precision of 0.1℃.

NW-XC630L blood bank

Interior sections are separated by heavy-duty shelves, and each deck can hold a storage basket which is optional, the basket is made of durable steel wire finished with PVC-coating, which is convenient to clean, and easy to push and pull, the shelves are adjustable to any height for satisfying different requirements. Each shelf has a tag card for classification.

NW-XC630L blood bank

This blood refrigeration equipment has an audible and visual alarm device, it works with a built-in sensor to detect the interior temperature. This system will warn you of some errors or exceptions that temperature goes high or low abnormally, the door has left open, the sensor doesn’t work, and the power is off, or other problems would occur. This system also comes with a device to delay turn-on and prevent interval, which can ensure working reliability. The door has a lock to prevent unwanted access.

NW-XC630L blood bank

This blood refrigeration unit holds a heating device for removing condensation from the glass door while there is rather high humidity in the ambient environment. There is a spring switch at the side of the door, the interior fan motor will be turned off when the door is opened and turned on when the door is closed.

NW-XC630L blood bank


NW-XC630L Upright Glass Door Medical Blood Bank Refrigeration Equipment Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers
NW-XC630L blood bank


NW-XC630L blood bank application

This blood bank refrigeration equipment is used for the storage of fresh blood, blood specimens, red blood cells, vaccines, biological products, and more. It’s an excellent solution for blood banks, research laboratories, hospitals, disease prevention & control centers, epidemic stations, and so on.

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  • Model NW-XC630L
    Capacity(L) 630
    Internal Size(W*D*H)mm 685*690*1378
    External Size(W*D*H)mm 812*912*1978
    Package Size(W*D*H)mm 855*965*2105
    NW(Kgs) 179
    Temperature Range 2~6℃
    Ambient Temperature 16-32℃
    Climate Class N
    Controller Microprocessor
    Display Digital display
    Compressor 1pc
    Cooling Method Air cooling
    Defrost Mode Automatic
    Refrigerant R290
    Insulation Thickness(mm) 55
    External Material Powder coated material
    Inner Material Stainless steel (optional Aluminum plate with spraying)
    Shelves 6(coated steel wired shelf)
    Door Lock with Key Yes
    Blood Basket 24pc
    Access Port 1 pcs Ø 25 mm
    Casters & Feet 4 (2 casters with brake)
    Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time USB/Record every 10 minute / 2 years
    Backup Battery Yes
    Temperature High/Low temperature,High ambient temperature
    Electrical Power failure , Low battery
    System Sensor error,Door ajar,Condenser overheating,Built-in datalogger USB failure
    Power Supply(V/HZ) 220/50
    Rated Current(A) 3.13
    Rated Power 465W