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Beverage Chiller and See Through Commercial Glass Door Merchandiser


  • Model: NW-UF550.
  • Storage capacity: 549 liters.
  • With a fan-assisted cooling system.
  • Single hinged glass door.
  • Different size options are available.
  • For drink and food cooling storage and display.
  • High-performance and long lifespan.
  • Multiple shelves are adjustable.
  • Door panel is made of tempered glass.
  • Door automatically close once are left open.
  • Door stay open if up to 100°.
  • White, black and custom colors are available.
  • Low noise and energy consumption.
  • Copper fin evaporator.
  • Bottom wheels for flexible movement.
  • The top lightbox is customizable for advertisement.




NW-LD430F Commercial Upright Single Glass Door Display Freezer For Restaurants & Other Catering Applications

This type of Upright Single Glass Door Display Freezer is for foods frozen storage and display, the temperature is controlled by a fan cooling system, it’s compatible with R134a refrigerant. The elegant design includes a clean and simple interior and LED lighting, the door panel is made of triple layers of LOW-E glass that is excellent at thermal insulation, the door frame and handles are made of aluminum with durability. The interior shelves are adjustable for different space and placement requirements, the door panel comes with a lock, and it can be swung to open and close. This glass door freezer is controlled by a digital system, and the temperature and working status displays on a digital screen. Different sizes are available for different space requirements, and it's a perfect solution for grocery stores, restaurants, and other commercial refrigeration.

Branded Customizations


The exterior can be pasted with your logo and any custom graphic as your design, which can help improve your brand awareness, and its stunning appearance can attract your customer's eyes increase their impulse buying.


Crystally-Visible Display | NW-UF610 upright glass door freezer

The front door of this upright glass door freezer is made of super clear dual-layer tempered glass that features anti-fogging, that provides a crystally-clear view of the interior, so the store drinks and foods can be displayed to the customers at their best.

Condensation Prevention | NW-UF610 single glass door freezer

This single glass door freezer holds a heating device for removing condensation from the glass door while there is rather high humidity in the ambient environment. There is a spring switch at the side of the door, the interior fan motor will be turned off when the door is opened and turned on when the door is closed.

Fan-Assisted Cooling | NW-LD430F glass door display freezer

The cooling system of this glass door display freezer features a fan to assist air circulation, which can help evenly distribute the temperature in the cabinet.

Graphic Lightbox

This upright glass door freezer has an attractive graphic lightbox above the glass front door. It can display your logo and graphics of your idea to improve your brand awareness.

Bright LED Illumination | NW-UF610 upright glass door freezer

The interior LED lighting offers high brightness, and the light strip is fixed on the door side and illuminates evenly with a wide beam angle that can cover all blind spots. The light will be on while the door is opened, and will be off while the door is closed.

Heavy-Duty Shelves | NW-UF610 single glass door freezer

The interior storage sections of this single glass door freezer are separated by several heavy-duty shelves, which are adjustable to freely change the storage space of each deck. The shelves are made of durable metal wire with 2-epoxy coating finish, which is easy to clean and convenient to replace.

Control System | NW-UF610 glass door display freezer

The control system of this glass door display freezer is positioned under the glass front door, it's easy to turn on/off the power and switch the temperature levels. The temperature can be precisely set where you want it, and display on a digital screen.

Self-Closing & Stay-Open Door | NW-UF610 upright glass door freezer for sale

The glass front door has features of self-closing and stay-open, the door automatically closes if the opening angle is less than 100 degrees, and stays open if up to 100 degrees.

Different Models & Colors Availible

NW-UF610 Commercial Upright Single Glass Door Display Freezer For Restaurants & Other Catering Applications

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  • Model NW-UF550
    Dimensions (mm) 685*800*2062mm 1382*800*2062mm 2079*800*2062mm
    Dimensions (Inch) 27*31.5*81.2 inch 54.4*31.5*81.2 inch 81.9*31.5*81.2 inch
    Shelf Dimensions 553*635mm 608*635mm 608*635mm / 663*635mm
    Shelf QTY 4pcs 8pcs 8pcs / 4pcs
    Storage Capacity 549L 1245L 1969L
    Net Weight 133kg 220kg 296kg
    Gross Weight 143kg 240kg 326kg
    Voltage 115V/60Hz/1Ph 115V/60Hz/1Ph 115V/60Hz/1Ph
    Power 250W 370W 470W
    Compressor Brand Embraco Embraco Embraco
    Compressor Model MEK2150GK-959AA T2178GK NT2192GK
    Compressor Power 3/4hp 1-1/4hp 1+hp
    Defrost Auto Defrost Auto Defrost Auto Defrost
    Defrost Power 630W 700W 1100W
    Climate Type 4 4 4
    Refrigerant Amount 380g 550g 730g
    Refrigeant R404a R404a R404a
    Cooling Method Fan-Assisted Cooling Fan-Assisted Cooling Fan-Assisted Cooling
    Temperature -20~-17°C -20~-17°C -20~-17°C
    Insulation Thinkness 60mm 60mm 60mm
    Foaming Material C5H10 C5H10 C5H10