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Commercial Ice Cream Shop Glass Door And Top Gelato Storage Display Freezer Fridge


  • Model: NW-QV20.
  • Storage capacity: 247-727 Liters.
  • For gelato merchandizing.
  • Freestanding position.
  • Temperature rage between -18~-22°C.
  • Max ambient temperature: 35°C.
  • 20 pcs of changeable stainless steel pans.
  • Curved tempered front glass.
  • Rear sliding glass doors.
  • With lock and key.
  • Acrylic door fame and handles.
  • Dual evaporators & condensers.
  • Compatible with R404a refrigerant.
  • Electronic control system.
  • Digital display screen.
  • Fan assisted system.
  • Brilliant LED lighting.
  • High-performance and energy efficiency.
  • Numerous colors available for options.
  • Castors for easy placements.




NW-QV20 Commercial Ice Cream Shop Glass Door And Top Gelato Storage Display Freezer Fridge Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers

This type of Commercial Gelato Storage Display Freezer Fridge comes with a curved glass top and rear door, it’s for ice cream shops or supermarkets to store and display their ice cream, so it’s also called gelato showcase, which delivers an eye-catching display to attract customers. This ice cream dipping display freezer works with a bottom-mounted condensing unit which is highly efficient and is compatible with R404a refrigerant, the temperature is controlled by an electronic control system and shown on a digital display screen. Stunning exterior and interior with stainless steel and a layer of foam material filled between the metal plates have excellent thermal insulation, several color options are available. The curved front door is made from durable tempered glass and offers a gorgeous appearance. Numerous options are available for different capacities, dimensions, and styles according to your business requirements and conditions. This ice cream display freezer features excellent freezing performance and energy efficiency to offer a great refrigeration solution to ice cream chain stores and retail businesses.


High-Performance Refrigeration | NW-QV20 gelato ice cream display freezer

This gelato/ice cream display freezer operates with a premium refrigeration system that is compatible with eco-friendly R404a refrigerant, greatly keeps the storage temperature constant and precise, this unit maintains a temperature range between -18°C and -22°C, it’s a perfect solution to provide high efficiency and low power consumption for your business.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-QV20 gelato fridge

The rear sliding door panels of this gelato fridge were made of 2 layers of LOW-E tempered glass, and the door edge comes with PVC gaskets for sealing the cold air inside. The polyurethane foam layer in the cabinet wall can tightly keep the cold air locked inside. All these great features help this fridge perform well at thermal insulation.

Stainless Steel Pans | NW-QV20 gelato ice cream freezer

The frozen storage space has several pans, which can separately display different flavors of ice creams. The pans were made of premium stainless steel that features corrosion prevention to provide this gelato ice cream freezer with long-lasting use.

Crystal Visibility | NW-QV20 gelato storage freezer

This gelato storage freezer features rear sliding glass doors, front and side glass that comes with a crystally-clear display and simple item identification to allow customers to quickly browse what flavors are being served, and shop staff can check stock at a glance without opening the door for ensuring the cool air not to escape from the cabinet.

LED illumination | NW-QV20 ice cream fridge for shop

The interior LED lighting of this ice cream fridge provides high brightness to help illuminate the ice creams in the cabinet, all flavors behind the glass that you want to sell most can be crystally showed. With an attractive display, your ice creams can catch customer’s eyes to try a bite.

Digital Control System | NW-QV20 ice cream display fridge for sale

This ice cream display fridge includes a digital control system for easy operation, you can not only turn on/off the power of this equipment but also maintain the temperature, the temperature levels can be accurately set for an ideal ice cream serving and storage condition.


Applications | NW-QV20 Commercial Ice Cream Shop Glass Door And Top Gelato Storage Display Freezer Fridge Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers

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  • Model No. Dimension
    Temp. Range Capacity
    Net Weight
    Pans Refrigerant
    NW-QV8 922x1150x1250 745W 220V / 50Hz -18~-22℃ 247L 200KG 8 R404a
    NW-QV10 1102x1150x1250 745W 307L 227KG 10
    NW-QV12 1282x1150x1250 900W 367L 254KG 12
    NW-QV14 1462x1150x1250 1055W 427L 281KG 14
    NW-QV16 1642x1150x1250 1210W 487L 308KG 16
    NW-QV18 1822x1150x1250 1360W 547L 335KG 18
    NW-QV20 2002x1150x1250 1520W 607L 362KG 20
    NW-QV22 2182x1150x1250 1675W 667L 389KG 22
    NW-QV24 2362x1150x1250 1830W 727L 416KG 24