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Commercial Small Ice Cream Countertop Glass Door Display Freezers


  • Model: NW-SD21.
  • Interior capacity: 21L.
  • For keeping foods frozen and displayed.
  • Regular temp. range: -12~-18°C.
  • Digital temperature display.
  • With direct cooling system.
  • Various models available.
  • Stainless steel body and door frame.
  • 3-layer clear tempered glass door.
  • Lock & key are optional.
  • Door closes automatically.
  • Recessed door handle.
  • Heavy-duty shelvies are adjustable.
  • Interior LED lighting with switch.
  • A variety of stickers are optional.
  • Special surface finishes are available.
  • Extra LED strips are optional for the top and door frame.
  • 4 adjustable feet.




NW-SD21 Commercial Small Ice Cream Countertop Glass Door Display Freezers Price For Sale | factories & manufacturers

This small type of Countertop Glass Door Display Freezers provides a capacity of 21L, the interior temperature is optimal between -12~-18°C to keep ice creams and frozen foods fresh and displayed, it’s a great commercial refrigerator solution for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other catering businesses. This countertop display freezer comes with a front transparent door, which is made of 3-layer tempered glass, it’s super clear enough to display the foods inside to catch the eyes of your customers, and greatly help increase impulse sale at your store. The door side has a recessed handle and looks stunning. The deck shelf is made of durable material to withstand the weight of upper stuff. The Interior and exterior are finished well for easy cleaning and maintenance. The foods inside are illuminated with LED lighting and look more attractive. This mini countertop fridge has a direct cooling system, it’s controlled by a manual controller and the compressor features high performance and energy efficiency, it has a digital screen to display the temperature level. A variety of models are available for your capacity and other business requirements.

Customizable Stickers

Customizable Stickers | NW-SD21 Commercial Small Ice Cream Countertop Glass Door Display Freezers Price For Sale

The exterior surface stickers are customizable with graphic options to show your brand or advertisements on the cabinet of the countertop freezer, which can help improve your brand awareness and provide a stunning appearance to attract the eyes of your customers to increase impulse sales for the store.

Click here to view more details of our solutions for customizing and branding commercial refrigerators and freezers.


Outstanding Refrigeration | NW-SD21 Countertop Ice Cream Display Freezer

This countertop ice cream display freezer is designed to operate with temperatures range from 12°C to 18°C, it includes a premium compressor that is compatible with environmentally-friendly refrigerant, greatly keeps the temperature constant and stable, and helps improve refrigeration efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Construction & Insulation | NW-SD21 Countertop Glass Door Freezer

This countertop glass door freezer is constructed with rust-proof stainless steel plates for the cabinet, which provides structural rigidity, and the central layer is polyurethane foam, and the front door is made of crystal-clear double-layered tempered glass, all these features provide superior durability and excellent thermal insulation.

LED Illumination | NW-SD21 Countertop Ice Cream Freezer

Small-size type as this countertop ice cream freezer is, but it still comes with some great features that large-size display freezer has. All these features you would expect in the large-size equipment are included in this small model. The interior LED lighting strips help illuminate the stored items and offer crystal-clear visibility.

Temperature Control | NW-SD21 Small Countertop Freezer

The manual type of control panel offers an easy and presentative operation for this small countertop freezer, furthermore, the buttons are easy to access at the conspicuous location of the body.

Self-Closing Door | NW-SD21 Small Freezer Countertop

The glass front door allows users or customers to see the stored items of your small countertop freezer at an attraction. The door has a self-closing device so that it’s never any need to worry about it accidentally forgotten to close.

Heavy-Duty Shelves | NW-SD21 Freezer Countertop Display

The interior space of this countertop display freezer can be separated by heavy-duty shelves, which are adjustable to meet the requirements of changing storage space for each deck. The shelves are made of durable steel wire finished with 2 epoxy coating, which is convenient to clean and, easy to replace.


Dimensions | NW-SD21 countertop ice cream display freezer


Applications | NW-SD21 Commercial Small Ice Cream Countertop Glass Door Display Freezers Price For Sale | factories & manufacturers

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    Model No. Temp. Range Power
    Power Consumption Dimension
    Package Dimension (mm) Weight
    (N/G kg)
    Loading Capacity
    NW-SD21 -12~-18°C 120 1.0Kw.h/24h 400*430*545 466*536*614 22/24 144/300
    NW-SD21B -25~-18°C 150 1.2Kw.h/24h 330*405*805 426*526*864 25/26.5 110/224