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Convenience Grocery Store Vertical Remote Multideck Open Air Curtain Drink And Beverage Coolers Fridge


  • Model: NW-HG20AF/25AF/30AF.
  • Remoted & open air curtain design.
  • Side glass with thermal insulation.
  • Remote condensing unit.
  • With fan cooling system.
  • Large storage capacity.
  • For convenience grocery store refrigeration.
  • Compatible with R404a refrigerant.
  • Digital control system and display screen.
  • Different size options are available.
  • 6 decks of interior adjustable shelves.
  • High-performance and long lifespan.
  • Premium stainless steel with high-grade finish.
  • White and other colors are available.
  • Low noise and energy compressors.
  • Copper tube evaporator.
  • Bottom wheels for flexible placement.
  • Top lamp box for ad. banner.

Remote condensing unit.





NW-HG30AF Convenience Grocery Store Vertical Remote Multideck Open Air Curtain Drink And Beverage Coolers Fridge For Sale

This Vertical Plug-In Multideck Open Air Curtain Drink And Beverage Coolers Fridge are for keeping cold beverage and beer stored and display, and it’s a great solution for drink promotion for convenience grocery stores & supermarkets. It works with a remote condensing unit, the interior temperature level is controlled by a fan cooling system. Simple and clean interior space with LED lighting. The exterior plate is made of premium stainless steel and finished with powder coating, white and other colors are available for your options. The 6 decks of shelves are adjustable to flexibly arrange the space for placement. The temperature of this multideck display fridge is controlled by a digital system, and the temperature level and working status are displayed on a digital screen. Different sizes are available for your options and it is perfect for supermarkets, convenience stores, and other retail refrigeration solutions.

Outstanding Refrigeration | NW-HG30AF convenience store cooler

This convenience store cooler maintains a temperature range between 2°C to 10°C, it includes a high-performance compressor that uses environmental-friendly R404a refrigerant, greatly keeps the interior temperature accurate and consistent, and provides refrigeration performance and energy efficiency.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-HG30AF air curtain cooler

The side glass of this air curtain cooler includes 2 layers of LOW-E tempered glass. The polyurethane foam layer in the cabinet wall can keep the storage condition at an optimal temperature. All these great features help this fridge improve the performance of thermal insulation.


Air Curtain System | NW-HG30AF vertical open air cooler

This vertical open air cooler has an innovative air curtain system instead of the glass door, it can perfectly keep the stored items displayed clearly, and provide customers with a grab-and-go & convenient buying experience. Such a unique design recycles the interior cold air not to waste, making this refrigeration unit eco-friendly and utility features.

Night Soft Curtain | NW-HG30AF convenience store coolers for sale

The convenience store coolers come with a soft curtain that can be drawn out to cover the open front area during out of business hours. Although not a standard option this unit provides a great way to reduce power consumption.

Bright LED Illumination | NW-HG30AF convenience store drink coolers

The interior LED lighting of the convenience store drink coolers offers high brightness to help highlight the products in the cabinet, all beverages and foods that you want to sell most can be crystally showed, with an attractive display, your items can easily catch the eyes of your customers.

Control System | NW-HG30AF grocery cooler

The control system of this grocery cooler is positioned under the glass front door, it’s easy to turn on/off the power and switch the temperature levels. A digital display is available for monitoring the storage temperatures, which can be precisely set where you want it.

Constructed For Heavy-Duty Use | NW-HG30AF convenience store beverage coolers

The convenience store beverage coolers were well constructed with durability, it includes stainless steel exterior walls that come with rust resistance and durability, and the interior walls are made of ABS that features a lightweight and excellent thermal insulation. This unit is suitable for heavy-duty commercial applications.

Adjustable Shelves | NW-HG30AF convenience store cooler

The interior storage sections of convenience store cooler are separated by several heavy-duty shelves, which are adjustable to freely change the storage space of each deck. The shelves are made of durable glass panels, which are easy to clean and convenient to replace.


Applications | NW-HG30AF Convenience Grocery Store Vertical Remote Multideck Open Air Curtain Drink And Beverage Coolers Fridge For Sale

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  • Model No. NW-HG20AF NW-HG25AF NW-HG30AF
    Dimension L 1930mm 2430mm 2930mm
    W 1000(850)mm
    H 2100mm
    Tickness Of Side Glass 35mm x 2
    Temp. Range 2-10°C
    Cooling Type Fan Cooling
    Power 1460W 2060W 2200W
    Voltage 220V / 380V 50Hz
    Shelf 6 Decks
    Refrigerant R404a