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Supermarket Stainlee Steel Fish Counter Plug-in Type Showcase For Static Cooling


  • Model: NW-ZTB20/25
  • Plug-in type compressor design.
  • Interior and exterior stainless steel AISI201 material.
  • Digital thermostat.
  • Adjustable feet or caster wheels.
  • Copper evaporator.
  • 2 Different size options are available.
  • Static cooling system.



NW-ZTB20系列 1175x760

This Stainless Steel Plug-in Type Refrigerator for keeping food fresh and display, and it’s a great solution for food promotion display at supermarkets. This refrigerator comes with a plug-in type condensing unit, the interior temperature level is controlled by a static cooling system. Exterior are made of stainless steel material. This counter refrigerator temperature is controlled by a digital controller, the working status is shown on the digital display screen. Different sizes are available for your option to meet different space requirements, it’s a great refrigeration solution for supermarkets and other retail businesses.


Outstanding Refrigeration | NW-RG20C service over counter

This Plug-in Type Display Fridge maintains temperature range from 0°C to 10°C, it includes high-performance plug-in compressor that uses environmental-friendly R404a refrigerant, greatly keeps the interior temperature accurate and consistent, and provides refrigeration performance and energy efficiency.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-RG30AF display freezer for meat shop

The whole walls of this Stainless Steel Display Fridge are built of durable stainless steel pieces, and the cabinet wall includes a polyurethane foam layer. All these great features help this fridge improves the performance of thermal insulation, and keeps the storage condition at an optimal temperature.

Clear Visibility Of Storage | NW-RG20C food refrigerator

The foods are air open display that comes with a crystally-clear display and simple item identification to allows customers to quickly browse what items are being served, and the staff can check stock in this plug-in display case at a glance without opening the door for preventing the cool are escape from the cabinet and keeping the temperature stable in cabinet.

Control System | NW-RG20A meat display fridge for sale

The control system of this Food Display Fridge is placed under the front, it’s easy and convenience to turn on/off the power and turn up/down the temperature levels, the temperature level you want can be accurately set.  The storage temperature is available shown on the digital screen.


Applications | NW-RG20A Supermarket Fresh Meat Serve Over NW-RG20A Counter Insulating Glass Display Fridge For Sale factory and manufacturers | Nenwell

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