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Supermarket Deli Front Open Glass Door Plug-in Type Showcase For Meat


  • Model: NW-BSS2011SGA/2511SGA/3811SGA
  • Plug-in type compressor design.
  • Front open glass door design.
  • Off-cycle defrost.
  • For meat refrigerated & display.
  • 3 Different size options are available.
  • Side glass pieces are tempered type.
  • Smart controller.
  • Optional fan assisted condenser.



NW-BSS系列 1175x760

This Deli Display Plug-in Type Refrigerator for keeping meat fresh and display, and it’s a great solution for meat promotion display at supermarkets. This refrigerator comes with a plug-in type condensing unit, the interior temperature level is controlled by a ventilated cooling system. Exterior brown and other colors are options for choices. The fridge are flexibly arrange the space for placement and simple and clean interior space with LED lighting. It has front open doors for convenient display and sell. This deli display fridge temperature is controlled by a digital controller, the working status is shown on the digital display screen. Different sizes are available for your option to meet different space requirements, it’s a great refrigeration solution for supermarkets and other retail businesses.


Outstanding Refrigeration | NW-RG20C service over counter

This Plug-in Type Deli Display Fridge maintains temperature range from -1°C to 5°C, it includes high-performance remote compressor that uses environmental-friendly R404a refrigerant, greatly keeps the interior temperature accurate and consistent, and provides refrigeration performance and energy efficiency.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-RG30AF display freezer for meat shop

The side glass, front and rear glass of this Meat Display Fridge is built of durable tempered glass pieces, and the cabinet wall includes a polyurethane foam layer. All these great features help this fridge improves the performance of thermal insulation, and keeps the storage condition at an optimal temperature.

Bright LED Illumination | NW-WD18D large island freezer

The interior LED lighting of this Plug-in Deli Refrigerator offers high brightness to help highlight the meats and other foods in cabinet, all meats and foods that you want to sell can with an attractive display, your products can easily catch the eyes of your customers.

Clear Visibility Of Storage | NW-RG20C food refrigerator

The meats and foods are covered by super transparent glass that comes with a crystally-clear display and simple item identification to allows customers to quickly browse what items are being served, and the staff can check stock in this plug-in Deli display case at a glance without opening the door for preventing the cool are escape from the cabinet and keeping the temperature stable in cabinet.

Control System | NW-RG20A meat display fridge for sale

The control system of this Meat Display Fridge is placed under the rear sliding doors, it’s easy and convenience to turn on/off the power and turn up/down the temperature levels, the temperature level you want can be accurately set.  The storage temperature is available shown on the digital screen.

Front Door Buffers | NW-SG40BKF sandwich fridge display

The hinges of the front glass doors of this Deli Display Showcase are supported by hydraulic buffers that allow the doors to open and close easily, and that can prevent the glass doors from being damaged by impact when they fall down.


Applications | NW-RG20A Supermarket Fresh Meat Serve Over NW-RG20A Counter Insulating Glass Display Fridge For Sale factory and manufacturers | Nenwell

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