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2ºC~8ºC Upright Double Glass Door Medicine And Vaccine Storage Fridge


  • Item No.: NW-YC725L.
  • Capacity: 725 liter.
  • Temperature rage: 2- 8℃.
  • Upright standing & double-door style.
  • Precision temperature control.
  • Insulated tempered glass door.
  • Door lock and key are available.
  • Glass door with electrical heating.
  • Humanized operation design.
  • High-perfomance refrigeration.
  • Alarm system for failure and exception.
  • Smart temperature control system.
  • Built-in USB interface for data storage.
  • Heavy-duty shelvies with PVC-coating.
  • Interior illuminated with LED Lighting.




Upright Double Glass Door Medicine And Vaccine Storage Fridge Price For Sale | factory and manufacturers

NW-YC725L is a double door type of vaccine and medicine fridge that offers a professional and stunning appearance and has a storage capacity of 725L, it’s an upright refrigerator that is also suitable for laboratory refrigeration, works with an intelligent temperature controller, and provides consistent temperatures in a range of 2℃ and 8℃. The transparent front door is made of double-layer tempered glass, which is durable enough to prevent a collision, not only that, it also has an electric heating device to help eliminate condensation, and keep the stored items displayed with clear visibility. This pharmacy fridge comes with an alarm system for failure and exception occurrences, greatly protect your stored materials from spoilage. The air-cooling design of this fridge ensures no worry about frosting. With these beneficiary features, it’s a perfect refrigeration solution for hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, and researching sections to store their medicines, vaccines, specimens, and some special materials with temperature-sensitive.


NW-YC725L medicine fridge | Humanized Operation Design

This medicine fridge has a clear transparent door, which is made of double-layer Low-E tempered glass and has great thermal insulation, the storage items inside can be clearly displayed, the glass features an electric heating device for anti-condensation. There is a column-shaped handle on the door frame for pulling the door open. The exterior of this fridge is made of premium stainless steel, and the interior material is HIPS, which is durable and easily cleanable.

NW-YC725L fridge for vaccine storage | High-Performance Refrigeration System

This vaccine fridge works with a premium compressor and a condenser, which have features of high refrigeration performance and well keeps the temperature consistency within 0.1℃ in tolerance. Its air-cooling system has an auto-defrost feature. The HCFC-Free refrigerant is an environmentally friendly type and provides more refrigeration efficiency and energy saving.

NW-YC725L vaccine fridge for sale | Smart Temperature Control

This medicine fridge has a temperature control system with a high-precision micro-computer and a stunning digital display screen with a display precision of 0.1℃, and it comes with an access port and RS485 interface for the monitor system. A built-in USB interface is available for storing the last month's data, the data will be transferred and stored automatically once your U-disk is plugged into the interface. A printer is optional. (data can be stored for more than 10 years)

NW-YC725L fridge for vaccine storage | Caster & Foot

This medicine/vaccine fridge is equipped with 6 casters for easy movement, and each of the front casters has a break to be fastened.

NW-YC725L medicine fridge | Alarm & Security System

The security system has audible and visual alarm devices to warn you of some exceptions that temperature goes high or low abnormally, the sensor doesn’t work, the door has left open, and the power is off. This system also comes with a device to delay turn-on and prevent interval, which can ensure working reliability. The door of this vaccine fridge has a lock to prevent unwanted access.

NW-YC725L vaccine fridge price | Mappings


NW-YC725L vaccine fridge for sale | Dimensions
NW-YC725L fridge for vaccine storage | Medical Refrigerator Security Solutions


NW-YC725L vaccine fridge price | Applications

This upright medicine and vaccine fridge is for the storage of medicines, vaccines, and also suitable for the storage of researching specimens, biological products, reagents, and more. Excellent solutions for pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals, disease prevention & control centers, clinics, and so on.

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  • Model NW-YC725L
    Capacity(L) 725 liter
    Internal Size(W*D*H)mm 980*595*1260
    External Size(W*D*H)mm 1093*758*1972
    Package Size(W*D*H)mm 1187*795*2136
    NW/GW(Kgs) 171/200
    Temperature Range 2~8℃
    Ambient Temperature 16-32℃
    Cooling Performance 5℃
    Climate Class N
    Controller Microprocessor
    Display Digital display
    Compressor 1pc
    Cooling Method Air cooling
    Defrost Mode Automatic
    Refrigerant R290
    Insulation Thickness(mm) R/L:55,U:65,D:80,B:55
    External Material Powder coated material
    Inner Material HIPS
    Shelves 12(coated steel wired shelf)
    Door Lock with Key Yes
    Lighting LED
    Access Port 1pc. Ø 25 mm
    Casters 4+ (2 levelers feet)
    Data Logging/Interval/Recording Time USB/Record every 10 minute / 2 years
    Door with Heater Yes
    Standard Accessory RS485,Remote alarm contact,Backup battery
    Temperature High/Low temperature,High ambient temperature,
    Electrical Power failure , Low battery,
    System Sensor error,Door ajar,Built-in datalogger USB Failure,Remote alarm
    Power Supply(V/HZ) 230±10%/50
    Rated Current(A) 3.38
    Options Accessory
    System Printer,RS232