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Commercial Bakery Countertop Refrigerated Cake Glass Display Cabinets


  • Model: NW-LTW120L-5/160L-5/202L-5.
  • 3 options for different dimensions.
  • Designed for countertop placement.
  • Front glass is made of tempered glass.
  • Digital temperature controller and display.
  • Maintenance free condenser.
  • Stunning interior LED lighting on 2 sides.
  • Ventilated cooling system.
  • Fully automatic defrost type.
  • Replaceable rear sliding door for easy cleaning.
  • 2 layers of wire shelves with chrome finish.
  • Exterior and interior finished with stainless steel.




NW-RTW160L-5 Commercial Bakery Countertop Refrigerated Cake Glass Display Cabinets Price For Sale | manufacturers & factories

This type of Commercial Bakery Countertop Refrigerated Cake Glass Display Cabinets is a stunning-designed and well-constructed unit for cake displaying and keeping fresh, and it’s an ideal refrigeration solution for bakeries, grocery stores, restaurants, and other refrigeration applications. The wall and doors are made of clean and durable tempered glass to ensure products inside display optimally and long service life, the rear sliding doors are smooth to move and replaceable for easy maintenance. The interior LED light can highlight the food and products inside, and the glass shelves have individual lighting fixtures. This cake display fridge has a fan cooling system, it’s controlled by a digital controller, and the temperature level and working status are shown on digital display screen. Different sizes are available for your options.


High-Performance Refrigeration | NW-RTW160L-5 bakery display cabinet

High-Performance Refrigeration

This bakery display cabinet works with a high-performance compressor that is compatible with environmental-friendly R134a/R600a refrigerant, greatly keeps the storage temperature constant and accurate, this unit operates with a temperature range from 0°C to 12°C, it’s a perfect solution to offer high refrigeration efficiency and low energy consumption for your business.

Excellent Thermal Insulation | NW-RTW160L-5 glass cake display cabinet

Excellent Thermal Insulation

The rear sliding doors of this glass cake display cabinet were constructed with 2 layers of LOW-E tempered glass, and the edge of the door comes with PVC gaskets for sealing the cold air inside. The polyurethane foam layer in the cabinet wall can tightly lock the cold air inside. All these great features help this fridge perform well at thermal insulation.

Crystal Visibility | NW-RTW160L-5 countertop glass cake display cabinet

Crystal Visibility

This countertop glass cake display cabinet features rear sliding glass doors and side glass that comes with a crystally-clear display and simple item identification, allows customers to quickly browse which cakes and pastries are being served, and bakery staff can check stock at a glance without opening the door for keeping the temperature in cabinet stable.

LED Illumination | NW-RTW160L-5 countertop cake display cabinet

LED Illumination

The interior LED lighting of this countertop cake display cabinet features high brightness to help illuminate the items in the cabinet, all cakes and desserts that you want to sell can be crystally showed. With an attractive display, your products can catch the eyes of your customers.

Heavy-Duty Shelves | NW-RTW160L-5 refrigerated cake display cabinet

Heavy-Duty Shelves

The interior storage sections of this refrigerated cake display cabinet are separated by shelves that are durable for heavy-duty use. The shelves are made of chrome finished metal wire, which is easy to clean and convenient to replace.

Easy To Operate

The control panel of the cake display cabinets is positioned under the glass front door, it’s easy to turn on/off the power and turn up/down the temperature levels, the temperature can be precisely set where you want, and displayed on the digital screen.

Dimension & Sepicifications

NW-RTW120L-5 Deminsion


Model NW-LTW120L-5
Capacity 120L
Temperature 32-53.6°F (0-12°C)
Input Power 160/230W
Refrigerant R134a/R600a
Class Mate 4
Color Black+Silver
N. Weight 57kg (125.7lbs)
G. Weight 60kg (132.3lbs)
Exterior Dimension 702x568x686mm
Package Dimension 773x627x735mm
20" GP 81 sets
40" GP 162 sets
40" HQ 162 sets
NW-RTW160L-5 Dimension


Model NW-LTW160L-5
Capacity 160L
Temperature 32-53.6°F (0-12°C)
Input Power 160/230W
Refrigerant R134a/R600a
Class Mate 4
Color Black+Silver
N. Weight 66kg (145.5lbs)
G. Weight 69.5kg (153.2lbs)
Exterior Dimension 880x568x686mm
Package Dimension 951x627x735mm
20" GP 63 sets
40" GP 126 sets
40" HQ 126 sets
NW-RTW202L-5 Dimension


Model NW-LTW202L-5
Capacity 233L
Temperature 32-53.6°F (0-12°C)
Input Power 390W
Refrigerant R134a
Class Mate 4
Color Black+Silver
N. Weight 90kg (198.4lbs)
G. Weight 94kg (207.2lbs)
Exterior Dimension 1219x568x686mm
Package Dimension 1290x627x735mm
20" GP 39 sets
40" GP 84 sets
40" HQ 84 sets

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  • Model No. Tem Range Dimension
    Packing Dimension (mm) Input Power
    Lamp Net Volume
     Net Weight
    NW-CL90 +2℃~+8℃ 900*700*1200 1000*800*1403 0.9 LED*4 306L 245
    NW-CL120 1200*700*1200 1300*800*1403 0.97 LED*4 424L 270
    NW-CL150 1500*700*1200 1600*800*1403 1.1 LED*4 542L 295
    NW-CL180 1800*700*1200 1900*800*1403 1.2 LED*4 660L 320
    NW-CL210 2100*700*1200 2200*800*1403 1.3 LED*8 777L 350